At the beginning, Silas Becker, class representative, welcomed parents and guests with a warm welcome speech. Then the audience watched video sequences of the first TV debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as well as pictures of the candidates. This was possible thanks to Mr Lemmrich and "his" boys and girls from GSN's "Technik AG" who cared for projectors, microphones and laptops. The videos also showed funny scenes and the parents were very keen on learning more about the American election system.



Afterwards, the students presented their posters about the candidates of both political parties and the US election system which they had prepared in their English lessons. Everybody was informed about all important subjects of the US election (for example: "Hillary Clinton", "Donald Trump",
"Republican Party", "Democratic Party", "Primaries", "Who is eligible to vote?", "What does "Super Tuesday" mean?", etc. ).


After the presentations, Mrs. von Bargen introduced an American guest to the audience whose name is Steve. He is an exchange student from a town close to Boston, Massachusetts. Steve will stay at GSN for a year. Consequently, Steve talked about American politics and was well prepared to answer all questions the German students and their parents asked. It was very interesting to hear some facts from a "real" American.



Davin Bernhard, 9.1G



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